Issues & Priorities

Election Integrity

Without honest, open, and fair elections, our Republican form of democracy can’t survive. With election fraud happening all over the country, we must have leadership in Washington, D.C. that will fully investigate and prosecute election cheats.

That’s why Rep. Chuck Gray has and will continue to make Election Integrity and honesty a top priority and why he passed Wyoming’s Voter ID law in the 2021 General Session.


Entrenched politicians and the corrupted bureaucrats they support are the reason why regular citizens are losing control of THEIR government. Returning the balance of power back to regular citizens like us is an essential step to fix our broken government by enacting term-limits that will make elected officials more accountable to the citizens they are supposed to be serving.

That’s why Chuck Gray has become Wyoming’s leader to enact term-limits and why he is the only candidate in this race who has signed the US Term limits pledge.

Stop illegal immigration

Liberal immigration policies are crushing our economy and literally killing our citizens. America must continue to support President Trump’s America First policies by finishing the wall, deporting illegals, and never tolerating the importing of criminals who have already proven they will break our laws.

That’s why Chuck Gray has also been a leader on stopping illegal immigration by working to bar sanctuary cities from existing in Wyoming and ensuring only US citizens can vote.

Smaller Government

Just like Ronald Reagan said decades ago, at every level, government is too big and spends too much. In Wyoming and in Washington, D.C. the growth of government is out-of-control and in direct conflict with economic growth and citizen prosperity.

That’s why Chuck Gray has never and will never vote for a tax increase or a net spending increase because we must starve the beast, not feed it. Just like cancer, out of control government should never be fed by more spending, debt, and taxes that will ruin our state and nation.

Coal, oil, and gas

Fossil fuel development and innovation are our most important investments to provide cheap and reliable energy to residents and businesses. With Wyoming’s abundant natural resources, we must fight the out of control radicals who refuse to concede that we can, do, and will produce fossil fuel energy for centuries to come.

That’s why Chuck Gray has been a dedicated and effective pro-energy leader in Wyoming who even got the Governor and Attorney General to file suit against west coast states that have been illegally prohibiting the export of our coal. Just as he has done in the Wyoming State House, Chuck Gray will always put Wyomingites first in the US House.

2nd Amendment

The right to protect yourself and your family from criminal attack should never be compromised. Both in Cheyenne and Washington, D.C. anti-2A radicals like Joe Biden and Kamala Harris think they can get away with stealing our guaranteed constitutional rights. The sad truth is they are right unless folks like us push back and fight to keep our rights.

That’s why Chuck Gray has and will continue to be an uncompromising leader for our gun rights and why other pro-gun leaders across Wyoming and the US are supporting him for Congress.

Pro-life / pro-family

Just like the 2nd Amendment, pro-life laws protect the innocent from harm and help ensure healthy families can thrive. Chuck Gray knows that protecting the unborn is not only the right thing to do but is also a part of our Christian mandate to protect others from harm.

That’s why Rep. Chuck Gray has been Wyoming’s pro-life leader, passing more pro-life legislation than any one during his time in the Wyoming state legislature. In 2017, Chuck was the lead sponsor of the ultrasound bill, the first pro-life bill to pass in Wyoming in 30 years. In 2019, Chuck passed the budget amendment that stopped the University of Wyoming from covering abortion in their student plans. In Congress, Chuck Gray will keep fighting for every Wyomingite, no matter how small or how young.

Free Markets & Entrepreneurship

With radical socialism being forced on us by extremist politicians and gullible business leaders, we must rise up to stop this dangerous trend that has proven to fail every single time it’s been tried. Free market capitalism has been the most effective means of prosperity in world history and we should never turn away from the system that has made our way of life possible.

And with the majority of new job grow coming from small business entrepreneurship, Chuck Gray knows we must get our broken government out of the way to let individuals and families prosper. As our next Congressman, Chuck Gray will lead the effort to stop Nancy Pelosi, AOC, and the rest of the radicals in Washington.

Transparency & Accountability

When more and more politicians get away with deception and lying to citizens, our ability to reform our broken government gets harder and harder. That’s why Chuck Gray continually pushes to open all the government’s books and ensure no politician or bureaucrat can get away with hiding what they do from the taxpayers.